JFL42, 2015

I was going to write a post-on this but I haven’t and it’s almost time for JFL42 2016. So I’ll post this below list, just to keep track of all the shows I saw. Headliners Chris Hardwick Craig Ferguson John Mulaney Patton Oswalt Trevor Noah The 42 Al Madrigal Ari Shaffir Doug Benson “Doug Loves
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2016 Running Goals

This year was definitely too busy to train for a full marathon, so I decided to do two halfs. One at the opening of the summer to help with general fitness and one in the fall that would be about performance. My goals were to break two hours with the first and then run a
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A post about art, culture & the telly…

When I originally posted on Facebook about having bought tickets to Hot Docs as “pompous movie watching”, I was thinking about how people’s queues on Netflix tend to be slightly aspirational. “A lot of people tell us they often watch foreign movies or documentaries. But in practice, that doesn’t happen very much.” Hell, I won’t link Netflix
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