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If you were sitting around, thinking to yourself, ‘Self, I wonder what Paul’s favourite song is right now?’…

If one were curious about what song truly defined Paul at this exact moment in his life…

What song would this be!?

It’d be The Wonder by Danish band The Figurines. This cut comes from their current album Skeleton, released in March 2006 in North America and being distributed by Skratch – meaning it’s probably being easiest to get it from Skratch themselves downtown (for those lucky enough to live in Vancouver). Seriously. Because of their minimum-unit ship we just got some stuff from Skratch ordered in November. I think I’m going to have to forego getting the record at cost and pay *shudders* retail for the CD. But from what I’ve heard, this album is fuckin’ ace!

I’d have this song as my MySpace song but they don’t have an add button. But go look for yourselves. I was going to save them for PDP4 but I’m liking them so much that I gots to share.

What are people listening to these days that they’d like to share?


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