Improving Social Media Enagement within a Web1.0 Team

I attended the BC Association of Integrated Marketers (BC AIM) luncheon, a couple weeks back at the Four Seasons in Vancouver. The lunch wasn’t that spectacular but I really enjoyed the speakers Darren Barefoot and Julie Szabo, of Capulet Communications. The presentation was meant as an introduction about social media to traditional marketers, so it was all pretty basic but I think I picked up some good tips on how to speak about social media to those not in the echo chamber. I’m attending Third Tuesday Vancouver tomorrow and Darren’s speaking again. It’ll be interesting to compare and contrast the presentations geared towards different audiences and hopefully I can pick up some more tips.

One of the challenges I’m currently facing is how to get more buy in from other team members about using social media to improve productivity and knowledge sharing. Our internal blog hasn’t been getting quite the impact me and senior management were hoping for. I think having an info session to really introduce it properly and getting a chance to show just how easy it is to interact with will improve engagement. The other key piece is that through our initial internal testing we’ve been able to more closely define who the target audience will be.

When we first started looking at having a blog, some of the questions I asked was who the intended audience was – clients, industry peers, internal or funders. I think the newness of the project – for both management and me – made it harder to determine, and the fact that the blog is in addition to my other duties instead of being it or primarily it. Now that we’ve been posting for a month internally, directions are becoming more defined and we’ve realized while clients will gain some benefit, they’ll probably be our smallest audience.

Instead, our audience will probably be industry peers. I haven’t had the opportunity to do a lot of vigorous community monitoring but it does appear that we’ll be one of the early adopters within the local employment services field. The benefits of course will allow the organization to become a leader (hopefully) in the use of social media and this should also allow for individuals to establish reputations for being leaders in their niches. By outlining the value of the blog to team members in terms of what’s in it for them, buy in will likely increase and improve the ROI for the organization.


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