Skills Shortages are Good News for Qualified Candidates

When I was studying political science as an undergrad, I used to have a friend/nemesis that I would name-drop with. We liked to email officials and scholars, soliciting comments or feedback concerning our 3rd year paper topics and then we’d compare responses. She won when the president of the ruling party of South Africa responded to one of her missives.

I think about this lately because I need to get back to emailing people who I think could give me some helpful information about topics I’m interested. Only now its my career path I want to discuss in greater detail. Employment services are good because I help people market themselves with their documents, a resume that succinctly outlines their qualifications or a cover letter that speaks of passion and authenticity. For more committed clients, I can talk about efforts that can make with social media to further their career. And while I like the underlying communication and professional development aspects, I’m getting ready to make my next move. I’m just not quite sure what that will be, so I’m thinking I need to ask people who seem passionate about what they’re doing.

One of the things I’ve got to focus more on is transferable skills I’m developing and see what other industries I can apply them to, looking were I can help out a company and continue to grow. Recently, I listened to a podcast by Llyod Grofton of Liberate Media where he commented about one the biggest crises facing the PR industry, a lack of skills. He offers some suggestions about perhaps reaching outside PR and journalistic areas and look for talented candidates that have client-focus, technology or design backgrounds. I’ve been following Liberate Media for a couple of months, as I’ve enjoyed their blog articles.

In a bizarre coincidence, or, assuming there is a skill shortage in PR, not so much, Nicky Fried from Strategic Communications wrote about skills needed from internal communications and engagement employees:

A recent article from Ragan talks for the value of hiring journalism graduates in corporate communications. Maybe – if you are hiring for writing ability and someone who understands a variety of different social media. But you better make sure that person is able to develop other skills.

Internal communications is about a great deal more. Key to effective internal communications is the understanding that this is a strategic endeavor focused on facilitating discussions throughout the organization with the goal of performance improvement.

Whether it’s external or internal communications that’s next up for me, continuing to develop new skills is clearly a necessary component.


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