Music scene in Texas is apparently not just Austin, who knew?

So how awesome is Midlake!?

When two people said “Young Bride” was good enough to put on their PDP8 mixes, I thought I’d take an effort to find out more about them.

They have a great quote by Jason Lee on their MySpace account.

The Trials of Van Occupanther is now one of the most important modern records I own. In an age of overly-used irony and disconnected nonchalance, this record actually means something, and Midlake should be forever hailed for their unique and genuine approach to music. Simply put, Van Occupanther has backbone, and the fact that you don’t feel cheated by it gives one hope that sincerity can still exist within modern alternative music.”

Jason Lee, Star of My Name is Earl and Midlake Cohort

From Denton, Texas, what looks like an exurb of Dallas on Google Maps. Does Dallas have a good music scene!? I always think Austin when I think Texas. Paste Magazine named Denton best music scene for 2008, though I still haven’t checked out the other bands on the list.

I’ve always enjoyed artists’ who seem stuck in the 70s, some of Josh Rouse’s stuff springs to mind — most notably 1972, of course. I think I need to dig back and pick up some original goodies but I’m usually stuck with hunting out new artists.

Anyways, I highly recommend picking up a copy of Midlake – The Trials of Van Occupanther and give it a listen.


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