Saluting the Ferguson sisters!

Even though I’ve taken over the PDP brand, I still always think of myself as just running the group, simply a facilitator. Carmen as the founder of the Procrastination Dance Party mix CD club still plays a critical role in my view, and it was her infectious spirit that got me so excited about the idea of sharing. I’d already been starting to create mix CDs, ones that dipped beyond the mainstream but still had their roots in Top 40. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s what my some of my friends listened to and some still do. And a good mix CD should incorporate what your audience wants. But I didn’t want to be making those mixes anymore and Carmen created the opportunity for me to make the kind of mixes I wanted to make, things that dug deep to pull out great older cuts, find bands playing on the edge of developing sounds, or from genres you didn’t normally listen too.

When Serah joined the group, it certainly raised the average of the CDs going around. Her mixes were regularly my top pick of PDPs, and always a favourite. I’ve been happy to contribute to her Arms Around the Stereo group as well as trade concert stories and new bands we’re checking out. You can always count on Serah dropping the a line, and throwing in links to some great audible goodies.  I try to keep up, like this link that Stereogum had up for Lykke Li and Bon Iver have doing “Dance, Dance, Dance”.


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