Movie Pre-views

There’s nothing I enjoy more than a good movie; an interesting, foreign film, a well-constructed, popcorn flick, small and quirky efforts from writer/directors or an over-the-top actioneer – I’m pretty much game for everything. For instance, I picked up Clash of the Titans yesterday from HMV for like $4, so soon will have a trip down Eighties nostalgia lane with an awesomely bad flick.

I was catching up on trailers at Apple the other day and these are some movies that caught my eye. Of course, trying to find a theatre playing these films in Vancouver is always a challenge.

Really enjoyed Mark Ruffalo in the past, so I’m interested in seeing What Doesn’t Kill You. Based on the life of writer/director Brian Goodman, it’s the story of two friends growing up “on the gritty streets of south Boston”. Ethan Hawk plays Paulie, who plans “one last heist” for the guys in an attempt to break the cycle of crime and incarceration that’s destroying their lives, especially Brian’s family. I arrange my DVDs by genres and I have a crime section where I’d probably place this movie; actually, I think I could even make a sub-section of crime films set in Boston. Also starring Amanda Peet as Brian’s wife.

The other film that stood out for me was December 2008’s, Wendy and Lucy. Starring Michelle Williams as a young woman headed to an Alaskan cannery for the summer, the film documents the life-altering consequences of “a series of increasingly dire economic decisions” as Wendy’s car breaks down in Oregon. Wendy is an economic migrant, the story located on the edges of American life and exploring the impact a looming Depression has on the social contract.  Similar in tone to director Kelly Reichardt’s 2006 effort, Old Joy, the film’s “subtle storytelling technique uses a formal minimalist style to weave together a unique emotional and political road film”. I wasn’t familar with Reichardt’s work before I saw this trailer but I’m definitely going to seek it out.


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