I don’t remember my youth as being ‘folky’.

Went to Jericho beach on Friday night with some friends and ended up catching some of the Vancouver Folk Festival. We weren’t in time to see Iron & Wine but we did manage to hear the final act of the night, Arrested Development.

It was a little strange that more than half our group didn’t know who Arrested Development were (you don’t want to know how they remembered the early 90s) and others only after a few bars of Tennessee. I can’t believe the group wasn’t/isn’t regulated to Pop Up Video — does that show even exist anymore? It feels like I haven’t watched Much Music since about the time Mr. Wendal was a hit. Arrested Development certainly weren’t ‘folk’ but their Afro-centric, socially conscious brand of hip hop fit well into the vibe and made for a good night of trying to see the International Space Station.

Sitting under the landing flight path didn’t make things any easier.

As a music festival, I’m not a big fan of VFF. Need to get my ass down to Sasquatch next year or, better yet, Austin for SXSW. I need to get out to more live shows.

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