Concert Season, Tdot

Last Saturday I made my way out to Kool Haus for my first Toronto concert. I originally bought the tickets while trolling Pollstar because of Bombay Bicycle Club — whom I had put on my PDP7 mix, Paul’s Lonely Hearts Club. (I put on ‘How Are You‘; Lindsay had a different song on her PDP7 mix and Moj put yet another Bombay Bicycle Club track on PDP9.5). It wouldn’t have been the first time I bought tickets primarily for an opener but I generally have to wanted to see the headliner.

In this case, that was Two Door Cinema Club. They were new to me, so I went to YouTube to check them out. (As an aside, I seem to be listening/discovering more music via YouTube these days.) They had the indie rock/pop sound that I particularly like and, over the past month, I just can’t stop listening to them. I’ve downloaded their album [iTunes link] and also grabbed a few remixes off RCRD LBL.

The Lonely Forest were the first opening act. They were decent, especially their single ‘We Sing in Time‘ but overall a litte too power-pop for me and a little green — ‘Turn Off This Song and Go Outside‘ is a good example of that.

Next up was Bombay Bicycle Club and I enjoyed their set. They played a number of tracks I was familiar with but, as I tweeted at the show, Kool Haus is a bigger venue then my ideal. According to Wikipedia, it has a capacity of about 2,500. I would have said that Bombay Bicycle Club would have killed at Richard’s on Richards but standing at the back of the show it was a bit hard to get into their more intimate sound. If you’re not familiar with them, they have an almost chilled out Vampire Weekend-like sound, some indie pop with folk and a bit of African beats mixed in. Very Paul Simon-esque, in the best ways possible — check out ‘Always Like This‘ (Moj’s selection from PDP9.5). I also think they’d be good at a festival show.

When Two Door Cinema Club finally hit the stage, I was kinda of mixed feelings. I was enjoying the music at the show but was attending solo, as there was a last minute cancellation and I still don’t know many people in Toronto. (I generally buy tickets in pairs as I’ve been the most frequent concert-goer of my friends and then just figure out who would most like to see any particular show.) So I was enjoying the music but feeling just a wee bit homesick for Vancouver. But Two Door Cinema Club didn’t disappoint, getting the crowd right into things from the opening chords of ‘Cigarettes in the Theatre‘, the opening track from Tourist History.

They played most of their album, as they don’t have a huge catalogue at this time. My favourite tracks included ‘What You Know‘, ‘I Can Talk‘, ‘Something Good Can Work‘ — even some of their weaker tracks like ‘You’re Not Stubborn’. They also played a few new tracks, stating that they plan to record a new album once they’re done the current tour. I’m interested to see how/if they progress, as for some they may too closely tread the line of having a definite “sound” and being monotonous — obviously I’m in the former camp. If you get the chance to check out this band from Northern Ireland, I’d highly recommend it.

Still on the slate for this fall is Portishead, a band I’ve never seen live but have loved since Dummy came out in 1994 and I’m trying to decide if I should check out Rural Alberta Advantage, who were awesome when I caught them in April at Venue. If only I could catch a show by the Futureheads, whom are still my favourite band that I’ve never seen live.


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