Two concerts, one post.

Crazy couple of months since I saw a couple fantastic bands that deserve more praise than I have time.

Parts & Labour is really far west. I don’t care how much I love Metric, Parkdale is a trek some days. That’s where I caught Frankie Rose. The venue was strange but kinda intimate, like a cave in prehistoric days. I really liked her set and she reminded me after a string of just alright shows, I could still have a really great night of live music.

In addition, I also liked the California Wives. A newish band out of Chicago, I liked their dream pop sound. Will see if they stick.

The following day, I caught Future Islands at the Horseshoe. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting but I sure got something. The first act — Ed Schrader’s Music Beat — was really, fascinating? When Future Islands took the stage, I really felt the rock opera of their music. I’ve never seen such a theatrical stage presence, and it was quite enthralling.

It paired nicely with the Frankie Rose show. Two shows in two nights. Exhausting but worth it. It’d have to be, it was about to be my longest stretch of the year between shows.


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