I knew (met) them before they were famous!

This Saturday I had the chance to go check out Millions, a movie put together by Mojgan‘s friends/work colleagues. The project was originally conceived as a web series but Andrew put together a feature film edit and that was what we saw.

I have to admit, I wasn’t sure what to expect going in. Often Moj, as the extrovert in the relationship, signs us up for activities to support (our?) friends and I go along with only a vague idea of what we’ve committed to. I had met Andrew (Creator/Director/Writer), his sister Melaine (Co-Director/Executive Producer) and Lee (Actor) at a games night we hosted, and knew that they had worked on video projects with Moj. But this video? Only a foggy idea…

As we arrived at Famous Players (which was an old school non-Silver City theatre from the 90s that always makes me nostalgic!), I realized that I had caught a segment about the movie on TV. Something about youth trying to make ‘their millions’ before hitting 30. The segment focused on the predominantly Asian-Canadian cast, and in some ways reminded me of the Canadian indie film Breakaway (Speedy Singh), featuring Canadians who don’t find their lives stories told on screen as much as should be in a multicultural societyThat said, the film is more about youth (Gen Y) and the reality of their lives versus the curated ones they create with social media.

A short film opened before, and I really wasn’t a fan. But the main feature was really good and I thought for a self-financed web series the production values were solid. The webisodes will launch in a couple weeks and apparently will contain some additional footage, so I’ll be rewatching — I love director’s cuts! The hope is with enough traffic/interest to continue the series into a second season. If you’re looking to add something to your queue, I’d definitely recommend checking out an episode.


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