JFL42, 2016


So, like JFL42 2015, I just never got around to properly writing up JFL42 this year. But I’ll once again keep a list of the shows that I caught at this year’s festival.

I didn’t make my goal of three shows a night but still saw a lot of great standup. I think next year I’ll really try to make it out to more shows by new-to-me comics. DeAnne Smith was a new-to-me comic I saw a ton at this year’s festival, as she opened for a bunch of other acts that I went to. Liked her so much that I saw her headline show (which was also great!), so think I should try and do that more.

That said, a real highlight was finally getting a chance to see Maria Bamford! (Who I also saw at JFL in Montreal, along with Jimmy Carr and a comedy showcase hosted by Nikki Glaser.) Seeing her two nights in a row was interesting to see the variability in a professional comic’s show.



  1. Tig Notaro
  2. Jim Gaffigan
  3. Demetri Martin
  4. Anthony Jeselnik

The 42

  1. Maria Bamford
  2. Put Your Hands Together (hosted by Cameron Esposito & Rhea Butcher)
  3. Maria Bamford
  4. Margaret Cho
  5. Jackie Kashian
  6. Cameron Esposito
  7. Thomas Dale
  8. Todd Barry
  9. DeAnne Smith
  10. Neal Brennan
  11. Gary Gulman
  12. Kumail Nanjiani
  13. Nick Thune
  14. Moshe Kasher
  15. Natasha Leggero




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