David Bowie classics in Portuguese, as film asides…

Last night, I took the missus out to see Seu Jorge presents A Life Aquatic – A Tribute to David Bowie. And it was as awesome as it sounds.

Of course, Jorge famously performed acoustic samba versions of David Bowie songs for Wes Anderson‘s The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. I’m a huge fan of Anderson‘s work and Life Aquatic is one of my favourites. So I kinda knew what I was in for.

That said, it was still pretty amazing to see him play those songs with just him and his guitar. In between, he talked about being contacted by Wes to perform, as well as the process of making the film as a young man in Italy. He joked about not knowing any English back then — and his thickly accented, broken English today —  and you could tell what an amazing experience it was for him, having grown up in a Brazilian favela and to be part of a Hollywood production in Europe.

He also talked about how he’d never toured on The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions previously and it was an unexpected gift when Wes asked him to record the songs after the film was made. The anecdotes about being on set and having to come up with arrangements of songs in less than 20 minutes, along with only being familiar with Bowie tracks like ‘Let’s Dance’ and not the earlier stuff prior to being asked to do the music were particularly charming.

He shared that he never got the chance to meet Bowie but was honoured to have so many people contact him around the time of Bowie’s passing, and to be able to perform on tour now as a kind of tribute. When he dedicated the ‘Life on Mars’ to Bowie, and to Jorge’s own father who passed away a few days ago, it was incredibly moving and gave all the feels.

Moj really liked the concert but hasn’t actually seen Life Aquatic. It’ll be a great excuse to watch it again.




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