PDP by the Numbers

Over the years, I’ve referenced Procrastination Dance Party quite a bit. It’s probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever had the privilege to be a part of. And while I can’t take any credit for the cool factor, I was responsible for the bulk of the administration of PDP — especially after the first couple .

For a while I did harbour thoughts of doing more PDP exchanges, whether all digital or some other format. But I just don’t have the desire or passion to put in the work of organizing PDP 12. Even thoughts of coordinating a new exchange through Rdio haven’t really been acted on. It’s actually probably a good thing; after all, now that PDP is no longer, I can romanticize everything about it and fondly recall the gatherings. I can forget the (surprisingly) few no-shows and the hassles of dealing with late participants. I was a little, uh, er, intense was a word used to describe me one time but that’s probably because running PDP was something akin to wrangling kittens at times.

I’ve listened to all the mixes a minimum of 5 times, with many of my favourites waaaaay more. I’ve also listened to them in lots of different orders (by PDP, by artist, currently alphabetically by album title). The actual exchanges were some of my most memorable experiences, when people who often didn’t know each other except the twice year gathering for PDP would mingle to discuss music. Some people would look over playlists to see what their favourite PDPer had put on the current mix or perhaps to see if anyone else was digging the same band as they had put on. I was largely unique in that I didn’t want to have any prior knowledge until I got to listen to the mix the whole way through. But I did enjoy chatting with people about their previous efforts, how they went about putting together a playlist, and music in general.

The real point of this post is for me to actually have a convenient place somewhere to have some of the various PDP numbers. So here they are:


PDP Stats:

Total exchanges: 11 PDPs, with two official side trades (9.5/11.5), so 13 total. (For the numbers below, official side trade stats are included with the main numbers. Unofficial side trades, those I did alone with friends or PDPers not participating in the full exchange, are separated out.)

Total Participants: 58: 56 official PDPers, plus 2 side traders that never exchanged with anyone but me.

Total Locales: Canada (BC, AB, ON, QC, NL); US; UK.

Total Mixes I have: 174: 165, including 1 limited edition; 9 side trades*. (Ryan’s side trade for PDP11 on Rdio not included, since I don’t have it in iTunes.)

5 most prolific PDPers, after me: Mojgan (10); Matt K (8); Brandden (8); Steve (7); Monique (7).

Total PDP time: 2911 songs, 7:23:49:00 for official trades; 3057 songs, 8:09:17:20 with my additional side trades.

Top 5 Artists: David Bowie (16; 14 solo, 2 featuring); Spoon (14); Beck (13; 11 solo, 2 featuring); The Magnetic Fields (11); Of Montreal (11); 3-way tie: Beirut, Cat Power, Peter Bjorn and John (10).

Top 5 Songs: I was going to include the 5 most commonly used songs but, surprisingly, no song got used more then 3 times. It was a little challenging to ensure that, since people would often input different title styles and there’s probably typos in my iTunes (I copied data into Excel to generate some of these stats).

Even with a song title showing up 3 times, there was no guarantee that it was the same song even by different artists but that it just shared the same title. It looks like ‘Life on Mars’ by David Bowie was the most common song.


Breakdown of Exchanges:

PDP1: 2 Mixes (There was a third participant but that CD is not known to exist anywhere.)
PDP2: 13 Mixes (1 side trade)
PDP3: 16 Mixes (2 side trade)
PDP4: 19 Mixes
PDP5 – The Bill Murray Edition: 21 Mixes (1 side trade)
PDP6 – Revenge of the Mediocre Bands!: 17 Mixes (1 side trade)
PDP7 – The Winter Luau: 18 Mixes (1 side trade)
PDP8 – PDP Goes Down Under: 14 Mixes
PDP9 – Again with the loud music…: 20 Mixes (1 side trade — 2 vol mix!)
PDP9.5: 4 Mixes
PDP10 – One More Kick at the Bucket: 10 Mixes
PDP11 – A Limited Engagement: 7 Mixes (1 side trade)
PDP11.5 – An Official PDP Side Trade: 4 Mixes (1 quasi-side trade, on Rdio)



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